Irthlingborough Carnival


Who We Are

Irthlingborough Carnival is now into its 81st year!! It is a much loved and well enjoyed part of Irthlingborough's history. As a committee, we aim to continue this long standing tradition for many more years to come, with the help and support of the people of Irthlingborough.

We hold many fundraising events throughout year, So please come along and support us, and have a great time in the process!!


Constitution and Rules

As approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Society

1: Name

The Name of the Society shall be Irthlingborough Carnival Association (here after called "ICA").

2: Objectives

The objectives of ICA shall be to:

Develop, manage and promote an annual Summer Carnival for the benefit of the people of Irthlingborough, villlages and surrounding areas.

Take forward the inclusive: "Arts for All" philosophy by reaching out and developing new audiences, art forms and performers.

Improve understanding of different ethnicities and cultures, especially amongst young people

Promote local tourism and business development in Irthlingborough

3: Area of Operation


4: Membership

ICA seeks to be representative of the community it serves, promote equality, and value diversity. Membership will be open to any registered voter resident within the community of Irthlingborough and surrounding villages. All applications for membership will be formally proposed and seconded by members and subsequently approved by at least 2 of the committee by a show of hands. Full membership of the society shall be restricted to a maximum of 12 persons. Membership shall be deemed to have automatically lapsed if a member fails to attend at least 3 consecutive meetings, without giving substantial reason or if the committee feel they are unable to perform their duties witihin the ICA committee. Members must have reached their 18th birthday.

 5: Election of Officers

Office bearers shall include the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections for Officers will be held at an annual general meeting. Any member will be eligible to attend, to stand for office, and vote.

6: Meetings

ICA shall meet at least 6 times a year. An AGM shall be held once a year in April or May. Any 3 members can call for an EGM on a substantive motion, which shall be subject to a notice period of at least 5 working days.

7: Calling of meetings

The date and time of future meetings shall be made known to all members giving at least 5 working days notice.

8: Office Bearers Powers and Duties

At the AGM, ICA shall appoint from its membership, Chair; Treasurer and Secretary. Office bearers may hold no more than 2 elected offices at the same time.

ICA shall have power to appoint such other office bearers as it may see fit, from time to time. It shall be competent, if so resolved, to make payment of reasonable expenses and honoraria to the elected officers. All office bearers shall be appointed until the first annual general meeting therafter and shall then be eligible for re-appointment.

The duties of the chair shall be to conduct meetings of ICA in accordance with the constitution, to co-operate with the Secretary in arranging the agenda for meetings, and to take responsibility for public relations. In the event of a tied motion, the Chair shal have an additional casting vote.

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to take overall responsibility for business affairs including public safety and legal issues, to keep proper records and vouchers of all monies belonging to ICA, to prepare regular financial statements for ICA, to make available to the appointed auditors all records and vouchers required for the annual audit and, within the first year following constitution, to open in the name of ICA a bank account, which shall require the signature of 2 elected officers to withdraw funds. The Business Manager shall have the duty to see that all monies received by ICA are used to further the objects of ICA.

The Secretary shall arrange for a minute of all meetings of ICA to be taken and prepared for the approval of ICA and to carry out all delegated functions and actions approved by ICA.

9: Appointment of working groups

ICA may appoint Committees/Groups to assist them on an ad-hoc basis. An elected officer shall chair each group. These may include non-members as co-optees.

10: Quorum

The quorum for the meetings of ICA shall 3, including at least 2 elected officers.

11: Finance

The arrangements for the financial management of ICA shall reflect best practice in the voluntary sector and ensure transparency and public accountability for all monies received and paid. All annual accounts, AGM minutes and reports, and auditors reports will be published on the website in full. Financial policy shall be the responsibility of the full committee.

ICA will avoid entering into any financial commitments without assured funds, shall manage its financial affairs with prudence, and seek to reduce personal financial liability of elected officers and members to a minimum through registration as a voluntary body with charitable purposes, following investigation of the alternative options for registration.

12: Property

The title to all and any property which may be acquired by/or for the purposes of ICA shall be and shall thereafter stand in the name of the elected officers of ICA and their successors in these respective offices for and on behalf of ICA.

13: Dissolution

The provisions for the dissolution of ICA shall be that it should be determined by the majority vote of the members at an EGM called for that purpose, or should the membership fall below 3 for a period of three consecutive months, and it prove impossible to appoint successors, ICA shall cease to exist and all assets shall be transferred to local institutions or voluntary groups agreed by the remaining members.

14: Amendment to Constitution

Amendment to ICA Constitution can be considered by ICA only at the AGM or at an EGM called for that purpose, and shall have effect only if approved by a majority of members of ICA present and voting at the meeting.