Irthlingborough Carnival


selection night 2017 / 2018

Irthlingborough Carnival Court – Rules of Conduct

The following guidelines have been prepared for the selected Carnival Court.

All contestants must read & accept these guidelines as condition of entry to the contest.

The Carnival Association aims to establish standards of behaviour to preserve the dignity of the Carnival. When representing the Carnival Association the Carnival Court should therefore maintain the dignity of their titles and positions.  

All members of the court must be able to be dropped off and picked up from a pre arranged point in Irthlingborough.

Being ambassadors for the Carnival the Court must at all times reflect this role by their polite, formal and friendly behaviour.  

At all times make sure the Court Manager / Chaperone knows where you are.  

Thank the host for inviting them and remember to say “goodbye” before leaving any event.  

Remain seated at the table until after all of the speeches have been made.

If invited to make a speech, please ensure it is clear and audible.

The Court is expected to act in a dignified manner whilst attending functions and may only leave with the consent of the Court Manager.

No member of the Carnival Court may smoke or chew gum whilst on Carnival Duties.

All Carnival Court items must be returned to the Court Manager immediately after each event.

The Carnival Association will provide the chosen Queen and her attendants with a dress which should be worn whilst on official duties. The dress may not be worn throughout the year of office unless on official Carnival duties.

It is the responsibility of the Queen or Attendants to keep their dresses clean and presentable for their use during the time they are out attending events.

It is the responsibility of the Queen or Attendants to ensure that their hair is clean and tidy whilst on Court Duty. It will be arranged by the Court Manager for all girls to have their hair done for each event to keep them looking uniformed.

We advise that any person selected for the Court is sent to any event with food and drink or money to buy this as some events are long days and the only food or drink that they may get on the day of an event if a buffet at the end of the day.

No swearing – even mild swear words are not becoming of Carnival Court titles.

In the event of a problem at a function, always refer to the Court Manager / Chaperone. DO NOT enter into arguments.

Whilst holding your title, you should not disclose your private address or telephone number. Neither will you make any statement to the press. If at any time a press statement is required this will be made only by a Committee Member of the Carnival Association.

Personal Appearances and Official Visits will be made only by arrangement through the Court Manager. On every occasion the Court will be escorted to the function and back home again as arranged by the Court Manager or the Carnival Committee.

During your reign you may not enter any other contests, other than those organised by the Carnival Association.

If any member of the Court wishes to discuss any matter then they should contact the Court Manager who will arrange for this to take place at the most convenient time and venue as agreed by all concerned.

All Court members must remain how they were chosen on Selection Night. (No hair dying etc)

Princesses are not allowed to attend evening events such as other court selection nights. These will be attended by Queens and chaperones only.

If you have any problems regarding any of the above rules then please speak to Gemma Saunders the Carnival Court Manager who is in charge of the Court.